A Vegetarian Vs. Vegan Essay

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“A vegetarian vs. vegan? What’s the difference?” Although the differences may be known by some, many are foreign as to what distinguishes these two lifestyles. While vegetarians refrain from consuming an animal 's flesh, vegans choose to rid themselves of the consumption and use of any animal derived products. With dietary limitations established, it is clear that these two differ greatly, but what unites them is how the lifestyles came to be. As a vegan myself, I have developed core arguments and values as to why I chose to adopt this way of life. Little did I know that the very arguments I have made were developed by philosophers and major world religions. The origin of these diets can be traced back to ancient Rome, China and India. Regardless of its’ manifestation, there are others that have hindered its’ expansion. This paper serves to compare how the Christianization of the roman empire and philosophers from Greece and Rome either hindered or contributed to vegetarianisms development. Before we can begin to compare Christianity with the Roman and Greek empire, it is important to discuss whether philosophical and religious beliefs fostered vegetarianism or vice versa. The earliest record of vegetarianism was discovered in the 7th century BC within the Indus Valley civilization. According to a translation written by Patrick, these vegetarians chose this diet due to their belief in the tolerance of all living beings.
Along with the Indus Valley civilization,
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