A Venomous Breed Of Atheists Essay

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A venomous breed of Atheists, known as Antitheists, not only believe that The Bible is untrue, they believe it is evil. How they come up with a philosophical basis for calling anything inherently evil is another matter altogether. They have proudly attacked The Bible’s credibility with vitriolic attempts to discredit its accuracy as a historical document while accusing its very teaching as incoherent. But it does not stop there. People like Richard Dawkins and the late Christopher Hitchens have attacked the very nature of God; saying that God is an evil sadistic tyrant — the very One they say does not exist. Talk about incoherent. They love to lift examples out of context from books such as Deuteronomy they claim describe a God who condones the blatant annihilation of entire “innocent” societies.
Antitheists attack what they do not know. They are worse than little children that have just learned that they can question why Mommy and Daddy do what they do. Their very denial of the reality of spiritual warfare leaves their minds darkened to the immutable quality of God’s unchanging purpose; a purpose that is righteous; higher than man’s puny little mind can fathom (Isaiah 55:8-9). They fail to see what God sees; to know what He knows. (Isaiah 46:10) They attack the nature of God based only on the perversion of the physical evidence, while completely discarding unseen realities that The Bible says are just as real. (Hebrews 11:1) Even psychopaths on trial for egregious crimes

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