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Introduction :

A denominal verb is a grammatical form that refers to an element which originates as a noun but is used in someway in sentence as a verb. A denominal verb is much distinct than other typical verbs that are originally born functioning as verbs, i.e, they historically used to be nouns before they underwent some operations that contributed in the transformation of their lexical category. The following example illustrates this notion :
1) a. He spent the summer in liverpool
b. He summered in liverpool.
Sentence (1a) involoves two essential parts of our analysis. It is comopsed of a verb (to spend ) and the noun (summer ) , while sentence (2b) includes one essential element which is the verb ( to summer ) . thus , the reader can notice that the meaning remains the same even though the number of elements that form sentence (2b) is reduced . The change in the form of the noun ( summer) into a verb (to summer) can be seen as a result of a grammatical function changing process that will be much discussed in chapter 3.Transforation rules took to affect the argument noun (summer) and merge with another head to move from the object position to the predicate position (Baker 1988) . This chapter will shed lights on how government-binding theory studied this phenomenon. The chapter is organized as follows . Section 1 is an overview of denominal verbs in English. Section 2 brings to light a semantic classification of denominal verbs…

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