A Very Brief Biography of Alexander Dubcek

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Alexander Dubček was the leader of Czechoslovakia in 1968. He was a communist, yet he wanted to transform Czechoslovakia into a democratic nation. He was born in Uhrovek, Slovakia on November 27th, 1921. His family moved to the Soviet Union in 1925. Dubček received an early education in Kirgiziya and became a loyal communist. In 1944, he moved back to Slovakia and secretly joined the Communist Party. After World War II, very loyal communists were appointed to high government posts. Moscow wanted all these countries to be loyal without question. Dubček was not at the point to be offered these jobs, but did become a Communist Party official in 1949. He was then sent to Political School from 1955 till 1958. When he returned, he became a Chief secretary of the regional committee in Bratislava in 1958. Dubček was known as a reliable member who did not want to mess up the system. He eventually became a full member of the Central Committee’s Presidium in 1962. After he attained this position, he permitted himself to be known as the mortal who would succeed Antonin Novotnÿ. Novotnÿ could not solve the very difficult economic situation that Czechoslovakia was facing. Dubček succeeded Novotnÿ on January 5th, 1968. In early 1968, the people of Czechoslovakia were given more freedom. This arrived as a shock to most Communist leaders in Moscow, since earlier he had been known as a devoted communist. Soon after this he publicly pronounced that he wished to make the largest

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