A Very Brief Biography of Nelson Mandela

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On July 18th, 1918, the powerful and praiseworthy Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela was born in Transkei, South Africa into the royal family of the Xhosa-speaking Thembu tribe. From an early age, Mandela demonstrated his passion for fighting for the rights of his people. He was greatly inspired by the stories he heard about his ancestors during their times of struggle. It is through determination and dedication that Mandela accomplished many of his goals including an end to apartheid. In fact, Mandela received a Nobel Peace Prize for this outstanding achievement. However, his journey was not simple, for the heroic and moral leader faced difficult struggles and had to make compromises throughout his lifetime. When Mandela was only nine years old, his father, Hendry Mphakanyiswa, who served as the chief of the tribe, died. As a result, Jongintaba Dalindyebo, another member of the Thembu tribe, adopted Mandela. Mandela was the first member in his family to receive a formal education and attended primary school in Qunu where his teacher Miss Mdingane gave him the name Nelson, implementing the tradition where all students received “Christian” names. He completed his Junior Certificate at Clarkebury Boarding Institute and went on to Healdtown, a Methodist secondary school. There, he excelled in boxing, track, and academics. Nelson Mandela then continued his studies at the University College of Fort Hare, the only western-style advanced institute for South African blacks at the time.
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