A Very Brief Biography of William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare William Shakespeare, man with intelligence, creativity, and with great passion for love, was one of the most prestige playwright, poet, and actor from the British Literature. He contributed his whole life writing some of the finest and well known plays and poems that are still highly valued in the present literary world. Shakespeare’s conventional themes for most of his plays and poems are about universal matters such as love, jealousy, and beauty which were common focus during the Renaissance era. During this period, Shakespeare’s poems, "Sonnet 29" and "Sonnet 130", demonstrates his views and morals regarding love to convey the theme of triumph of true love over beauty and wealth. William Shakespeare born and raised in “provincial town of Stratford upon Avon in 1954” to wealthy merchant John Shakespeare and Mary Arden (Ruby198). Being a son of a merchant, he was able to attend one of the finest grammar school in town, The King’s New School, where he could attain education under highly qualified tutors which benefited his writing skills. At the age 18, Shakespeare married Ann Hathaway, who was eight years older than him followed by three children. Since Shakespeare’s lyrics are mostly about love, passion and beauty, it is believed by the audience that the lady in his sonnets represents his wife, however, it has been implied that, “no one can determine to what degree Shakespeare’s personal experiences are reflected in his sonnets” (Hacht 798). He
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