A Very Brief History Of Tea In Imperial Japan

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Tea was founded by the Emperor of China, 5000 years ago. While on a trip, slaves of the Emperor were boiling water for drinking and tea leaves fell into the water. The Emperor drank the tea and found it refreshing. Lu Yu, a Chinese scholar of Buddhist Monks, codified the various methods of tea cultivation and preparation in Ancient China. This helped him to introduce tea to the Imperial Japan. Japan was first introduced to tea by the Buddhist priest Yeisei. Encouraging the use of tea in religious meditation. Yeisei became known as “the Father of Tea”. Over the years, tea has been introduced to many countries such as Europe, America, England, Russia, Britain, and Asia.

There has been several different ways learned to prepare tea. Each country may have a different method to add. As stated above, the first way discovered was to simply boil water and add the whole tea leaves. Later, it will be a practice to crush the tea leaves and steep the leaves into boiling water. Thomas Sullivan of New York developed tea bags for restaurant use. Crushed tea leaves are placed into small single use paper bags and boiled. This is was for a cleaner more convenient brew.
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Japan uses tea for religious meditation purposes. Countries such as Britain, use tea as a socializing tool. They have tea times that will include tea, small cakes, and sweets. In England, there are tea gardens, where tea is grown and served along with entertainment. Tea was used for profit. Many countries started heavily taxing tea, so people were smuggling the tea into the colonies and sold them at very high prices. During the American Revolution, women used tea as a bargaining tool to regain their free rights. Women stopped drinking English sold tea until their rights were
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