A Very Brief Look at Brazil

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When I first started to think on a subject to write about on this essay, I wanted to choose something about my own culture. When I think about my home country, Brazil, the first thing that comes to my mind as an expression of our culture, and probably the first thing that comes to everybody’s minds, is the Carnival and, of course, the Samba. Samba is the best known most enduring style in Brazil. It is the samba rhythm that provides the background music for the most spectacular Rio carnival and the sophisticated dance that helped to bring Brazil the exotic image that is well known throughout the world. If you want to learn about Brazilian history without going through the books, you just listen to its music. Samba has an importance that goes far beyond than entertainment. Music is a national passion, as the football, of course. Both are a misture inside all Brazilians, so on this essay I am going to discuss this amazing and enormous party and the different ways it affects the Brazilian culture and its population, dividing it into Historical/Cultural, Political and Psychological analysis.

Historical, Cultural & Social

The word carnival comes from Latin, "Carne Vale” or "Farewell to the Flesh” (brazilproductions). Ten thousand years b.c., men, women and children gathered in the summer with masked and painted faces to scare away the demons of bad harvest bodies. The origins of Carnival have been sought in the oldest celebrations of humanity, such as the Egyptian
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