A Very Brief Summary Of Andrej's Cages

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After Andrej tells Tomas, Wilma and his travelling storys and how they got to the zoo, the chamois replies rudely, mentioning how they should stop complaining because they are free, ‘You aren’t in a cage… so stop complaining’ Andrej is ‘startled out of his memories’ with the chamois’ reaction. Andrej replies by saying that he is not free because even though he isn’t in a cage he doesn’t feel free or safe.
Andrej was unrestrained before the invading army came as he was part of the Rom, he could really go and travel anywhere he would like with his famiy or even on his own. After the war began he was not free to go anywhere at anytime as he and the Rom were being hunted, ‘The war was touching everything’, although Andrej is physically able to
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If the animals got released at they age they are and the state they are in, they wouldn’t we able to start a family, walk around for ages, or hunt as they have mainly just been sat down there whole life so far. Some of the animals have become worse that the others, the seal had a more restricted habitat than some of the others so then it slowly dived into insanity. The eagle doesn’t talk to anyone because he is surrounded by his habitat, if he came out of his hut, everywhere he looked would be where he could be so it would be horrible for him. The wolf mentioned about humans taking over their land, seeing as he has been in the zoo for almost his whole life, if he went free he would have to be carefull of where he goes as humans would have taken some of his territory, he could get caught or…show more content…
The whole village was constantly under threat from the invading army and the Leader, therefore the village was restricted by the conflict zones. The mayor believed that if Tata was to give the Leader a gift, it would make him less angry about the death of his friend and stop being as harsh to the village as he was. Tata was not free in this choice, he had to give a gift ‘They opened up the lions’ cage’. This decision did chane the way the leader thought of the village so they were back to being restrained. Alice was also not free, she had to leave her village and hide from the army with some resistance fighters from around her country, they all had a limit of where they could go or else they would get
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