A Very Controversial Opinions Are Presented In The Article

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A very controversial opinions are presented in the article ' 'Should teachers friend their students on Facebook?" by American Teacher scholar magazine. Nancy Willard, director of Embracing Digital Youth and author of Cyber Savvy, thinks it is very crutial to keep a professional communication and a proper distance with students, because social media, if not used properly, may raise a great public concern, and thus, will be treated as an invasion of a personal space. On the other hand, due to Lauren Isaacs Schimko, a math teacher in the North Rockland Central School District and secretary of the North Rockland Teachers ' Association, Facebook may be a great communication tool for teachers-students-parents socializing, helping to enhance…show more content…
If a teacher wouldn’t say something in the classroom, he or she should know better not to post something that could be interpreted as improper, or “crossing into that gray zone.” Students and teachers should be especially careful with their posts, if they are friends on social media with each other. So, given that we are a nation that promotes free speech, at least in theory, and that social media is one of the biggest free speech promoters out there, why should teachers and students not be linked together as friends on the social media behemoth? Well, personally I believe that Facebook is more of an outlet that allows people to share experiences, whether these be stupid jokes, travel extravaganzas, or genius IQ questions; Facebook is a big arena for dating, soulmate seekers, and well, to put it bluntly, perverts and weirdoes of all kinds. Moreover, there are plenty of stories about teachers and students becoming romantically involved, which is a breach of the student-teacher relationship, and even in the cases where the student might be of legal age, a big misstep. Perhaps, this teacher-student Facebook issue is why at least 40 school districts nationwide have approved social media policies; furthermore, schools in New York City and Florida have disciplined teachers for Facebook activity (“Should teachers”). The debate on the teachers-students Facebook friendship, needless to reiterate, has been
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