“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel Garcia- Marque

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“A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”:Gabriel Garcia- Marquez story “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, written in 1955, is about a family harboring what is thought to be a fallen old “angel man”, initially thought to be on his way to take their ailing child away. The angel must have been coming for the child, but the poor fellow is so old that the rain knocked him down (Marquez, 1955). The family not knowing how to treat the situation embarks on a journey of mixed emotions of whether the man is good or evil, strange creature or angel. We will journey down the road of evaluation of the magical realism within this story.
Good and Evil Coexist: Good Wins
In the beginning of the story a father, mother and ailing child are all at home on a
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3). Good and evil played a role in the fact that the family used the creature for greed, Elisenda thought of the idea to build a fence and charge 5 cents admission to see it (Marquez, 1955, p. 3). The rest of the world wanted to use the creature to help heal possible illnesses and that is selfish, many traveled with the hopes to find health (Marquez, 1955, p. 3). I felt this was evil because they lacked the creature up for the benefits of everyone not considering the creature's feelings. This how some of the good and evil coexisted.
Angel or Not? This was at time hard to determine if the old man was an angel or a bird of some origin I thought vulture at times, due to the description of buzzard like wings and that the he nestled in a nest (Marquez, 1955). To further my thought of him being a bird, is that when they tried to feed him what was thought the food of angels, mothballs, the man refused (Marquez, 1955). Nevertheless, if I had not paid attention to the wording used I might have gone with the old man was a bird. However, the story uses a lot of language to define divine beings. Like when Father Gonzaga had a providential end to his tribulations (Marquez, 1955 p. 4). This meant that the Gonzaga had a define foresight or intervention, similar to use of celestial meaning form the heavens or sky (
I believe that the man was an
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