A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings by Gabriel García Márquez

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Between the two supernatural beings in Gabriel Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings”, one gets more kindness and awe from the ordinary people because of her human origins; while the other supernatural being, an old man with wings, is mistreated. The differences between the two being’s origins portray human nature and its detriments. That is the human nature Marquez portrays in the villagers treatment of the two paranormal beings. Treatment of supernatural beings by humans depends on an explanation of their origin and how they came about. The man with wings is the first supernatural being introduced in the story. He is found washed ashore by the main character, Pelayo. After consulting a wise woman, Pelayo is told that he has found an angel. The wise woman proceeds to tell Pelayo that he should club the Angel to death, as angels are seen as “…fugitive survivors of a spiritual conspiracy…” (Marquez). Pelayo decides to consult a priest before taking action against the angel. When the priest arrives, he speaks to the angel in Latin. Validity in the angel arises when the “… priest had his first suspicion of an imposter when he saw that he did not understand the language of God or know how to greet His ministers.”(Marquez). The priest examined the angel more in depth, and noticed that his interpretation of an angel did…
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