A Very Short Essay On Religion By Simon Blackburn

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In a “Very Short Essay on Religion” by Simon Blackburn, it talks about Blackburn’s two main claims. The first claims states that religious clothing is practical disposition and the second claims that there is not ontology. In the summary I have briefly summarized the article and the two claims. Then I have moved on to my critique, in which I have agreed with the first claim and disagreed with the second claim.
In Simon Blackburn’s essay it starts off with example of Bertrand Russell. In the example it talks about a “teapot flying in its own extraterrestrial orbit around the sun”(Blackburn 2). In which, there’s a teapot that is flying around and it has some clothing’s, in which it’s mostly about why people believe that they should believe in something. If the teapot has something important, then people would treat it as sacred and valuable and they will follow it’s sayings. By believing in this teapot it gives people the hope that they are seeking to have some enjoyment in their lives. “The teapot has now become an object of veneration- a religious object”(Blackburn 3). Blackburn, then introduces the two claims. One claims mentions that “religious clothing that arrived is not primarily a matter of belief… matter of practical dispositions or stances towards things”(Blackburn 3). The second claim is that ontology does not exist anymore.
Blackburn then continues on to mentions Hume’s and how he would say that we should take the example of the teapot…
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