A Very Special Critter By Gina And Mercer Mayer

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Friendship is a key aspect of life. They are your support system, who you go to in time of need, who you share memories with that can last a lifetime. In today’s society, many friendships are broken up between friends because of trust issues, or the lack of positivity that may be spread through the group. The book called A Very Special Critter by Gina and Mercer Mayer is a book about a new kid named Alex coming to class who is in a wheelchair. One kid in the class was afraid because, he had never seen someone in a wheelchair before. The kid came into class the next day and everyone thought his wheelchair was super cool. Alex made a lot of friends. The book explains that know matter what disability a child has that there will always be someone there to support him/her. A child in their wheelchair may feel lonely and get down on their self because they are not like the other kids and can’t do what the rest of their friends are doing. However, that is not true, in today’s society, there are many sports and activities available for kids who have a disability. Sometimes making new friends can be overwhelming and scary at times. A book called Just A New Neighbor by Gina and Mercer Mayer is about a mother telling her child there is a new kid moving in next door. The neighbor walks up and asks if he wants to play. The kid says no and runs away. The new neighbor kid follows. Eventually they both fell in a pile of mud and started to laugh. In the end they became friends and hang

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