A Very Thoughtful Look Into Inner City Violence And The Rules Surrounding It

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Part biography, part social view, a very thoughtful look into inner-city violence and the rules surrounding it. This book describes how his personal history with violence influenced his work with youth and the programs that he has started to support youth. Geoffrey Canada describes the progression of violence that had happened in his lifetime. He also points out that there is a disturbing difference between what the streets were like in the 1960s compared to those of today. Mr. Canada is a great storyteller and is thoroughly convincing. His Book Fist Stick Knife Gun, is a great explanation of violence and poverty in late 20th century here in America. His story of how he changed from a timid and frightened child into a young man who could hold his own in a fight in the streets is written in a believable way. Canada actually learned the way of the streets because he grew up in the streets It first started when he was a child when he and his friends used their fists to settle disputes and to gain a reputation that would bring respect from the other kids in the neighborhood. Sometimes those disputes would escalate with other weapons like a knife. Mr. Canada grew up in the South Bronx in the 1960s, when violence was ever-present but guns were not. There were a very few adult men in the neighborhood, and the police were of very little assistance. When he was not even old enough to be in first grade he was mugged on multiple times by older, bigger kids. He was…

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