Essay A Very Warm Mountain

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A Very Warm Mountain

Have you ever thought of something having human like emotions such as trees or animals? In the essay “A Very Warm Mountain,” Ursula K. Le Guin offers a whole new angle to look at mountains. Through the use of examples and detailed description Le Guin creates a new perspective on mountains giving then human like qualities. The author discusses the reactions that the person had to the eruption. She writes down journal entrees detailing the explosion day to day and uses some of the entrees in the essay. The author uses entrees as throughout the essay in an effort to give a more realistic view. The more real it seems the easier it is to convince you of her train of thought. She thinks that a mountain should
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To prove the thesis she uses her journal entrees that she took during the eruption of the volcano. She uses the media as another form to support her idea in the story. The media is on her side on looking at the mountain as a woman. The media is quoted a couple of times using the word “her” and “she.” The author uses a logical view being in the media, which is much more widely accepted by the people as a whole.

The author use of the day-by-day accounts is to get a better analysis of her point of view. She looks and notices things that do not normally happen. The author starts her journal entrée’s with vivid description of what is happening to area around her. One of those accounts was, “Everybody on my bus coming to work these days talks to everybody else, they never used to”(p.176). The author points out how the name sounds feminine. The author’s use of a brief history is just to show how long the mountain has not been known as a mountain but as a person. The author’s meticulous nature shows through the amount of detail in her journal entrees. By using entrees she is trying to give the most detailed information as it happened and as she saw it with her own eyes. In doing this she makes it easier to see that the mountain is indeed a living creature.

The author is not trying to change your view of a mountain but just showing you a different view of the mountains. She is just offering another outlook of the mountains. It is doing

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