A Vibrant Hippie History

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Jacqueline N February 10, 2012 AP/ US History Ms. Lombardi Period 5 Colorful Hippies To many it may seem as the glorifying symbol that describes the era of the 1960s, but to others not so much. The Hippies showed a different part of reality to us and to the world, a part that we did not know existed but that caused great harm to us. Hippies were members of a reform movement that was absolutely unnecessary to society. This is due to the reason that it caused the destruction of American principles while causing no positive effect on the nation. The reform movement caused by the Hippies was provoked by certain events that affected the US during the sixties, as well as topics that were of great concern to them, this caused…show more content…
It became like a virus, not only was the whole nation being infected by these inappropriate behaviors but some began to follow them and believed it was something right to do. What many did not know was that the American principles were slowly vanishing as this new liberal form of behavior took over very gradually across the nation. Over time Hippies took it to the extreme changing their appearance, food and basic roles of women. For instance, during the Hippie movement Hippie men let their hair grow very long while women went braless and sometimes even shirtless exposing their body to the exterior world(Mortal Journey 1). Moreover despite high schools in the US had strict dress codes, which did not allow girls to wear jeans or any sort of pants, they had to wear skirts even if the weather was extremely cold but the Hippie girls began to wear pants to school to feel more "free"(Holland 80).Even public restroom signs show the image of a women wearing a skirt to symbolize a womans bathroom, however all this was changing slowly because of the changes caused by the
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