A Vicious Cycle Of Malawi

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A vicious cycle, if one were to describe poverty in Malawi, it would be just that. Malawi is a country in Africa full of vibrant culture and equally wholehearted people. Though the lack of education, environmental knowledge, and negligent politics have left Malawi’s citizens in the dirt poor and at times fighting for their lives. These elements are shown through the (growing?) eyes of a boy named William, the protagonist of the biography “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind”. Though most Malawians mean well, they have yet to notice how destructive their actions can be. Deforestation has ravaged the plains of Malawi. Like William 's father, many farmers income depends on tobacco. Small time farmers and tobacco corporations share a blame on the nation 's deforestation. Tobacco Farmers have chopped most of Malawi 's trees to build drying shelters for their leafs, these huts rarely last due to Malawi’s termite problem. Citizens also tend to use wood to cook because of the country 's lack of electricity. This is the beginning of Malawi’s vicious cycle. As William points out in the book(Necessary?) “Without the trees the rain turns to floods and wash away the soil and its minerals. The soil along with loads of garbage runs into the Shire river, clogging up the dams with slits and trash and shutting down the turbine. Then the power plant has to stop all operations and dredge the river, which in turn causes power cuts. And because this process is so expensive the power company has…
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