A Video Called The Color Of Fear

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In the world, there are billions of people of varying races and skin colors. With that there are many attitudes, preconceptions, and stereotypes of how each race operates. From these stereotypes and attitudes sometimes racism and discrimination can occur. In therapy it is important to be aware of these issues that could possible present in therapy. For this assignment we reviewed a video called The Color of Fear, which was a video recording of a group session of men of different races that discussed their experiences dealing with racism and discrimination. After their group sessions the men were able to understand each viewpoint and are able to promote awareness and understanding for people of a different race or color that they are. In this paper, my hopes are to provide my personal reaction to the video we watched for this week’s materials. In addition I want to provide some personal stories and a plan for if these issues arise while treating a client.
After watching the video, my initial reaction was a variety of emotions. I was feeling anger, frustration, sadness, confusion, and ultimately happiness at the fact that the group members built a bond. Each member had significant stories and experiences of how a different race impacted their lives. I was extremely touched by David story about how his mother was killed by an African American man and his father was trying to raise him to hate black people. I think that many stories are similar in ways which…
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