A Vietnam Journey

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It is 3:00 a.m. on a Friday morning— my first Friday of summer break. I question my motives, and I wonder why I would ever want to be awake during such prime sleeping time. I looked down at what I’m holding, a ticket that puts me on a flight to our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C. I’ll be off on the greatest adventure of my young life. By that afternoon I’ll be touring the nation’s capitol as a part of the Youth Tour program. I was able to visit a plethora of places throughout Washington D.C. although nothing impacted me quite like the Newseum did. The Newseum wasn’t something on the itinerary that particularly intrigued me at first, but it soon became my favorite event of the trip. The Newseum is a museum chronicling the evolution of news,…show more content…
It was seeing how news and media evolved through time, and as technology advanced, that interested me the most. I learned that Vietnam was the first televised war, and it was given the title “The Living Room War” because of the coverage being beamed into people’s homes. I was able to see newspapers that documented all of America’s important events, ranging from the Boston Tea Party, to the Death of John Lennon, and more. As well as information on the FBI and the terrorists and serial killers they’ve detained. Although the most impactful, I believe, was the 9/11 memorial. Standing at around 30 feet tall was all that remained of the upper section of the 360 foot antenna that was once poised atop the North Tower. The memorial was breathtaking. A wall filled with newspapers documenting the day took up the entire space to the left of the antenna. It was the experience I had at the Newseum that sparked my interest in communications and marketing, and helped me realize I wanted to pursue a career in this field. Youth Tour allowed me a ticket that impacted the rest of my life, a ticket that I would love to have again. I was given the honor and privilege of representing Texas in Washington D.C., as well as receiving the trip of a lifetime. The Newseum impacted me so strongly and showed me how interesting news and media is and how it’s constantly evolving. A degree in communications will allow me to further my knowledge gained
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