A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller Essay

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A View From The Bridge by Arthur Miller

Alfieri is a lawyer who works for the Sicilian community in Brooklyn.
He opens the play with a very exposing account of what life used to be like and is like in that particular community. The audience knows from that speech everything about Alfieri and about the community in Red
Hook. He launches into graphic detail about past bandits and murders and about how justice is very important to the Italians. The community is the 'gullet of New York,´ which is 'swallowing the tonnage of the world.´ This sentence is quite ironic since Red Hook is a fishing town and tonnage is another word for cargo. Alfieri speaks as though Red
Hook has swallowed up all the complications of the world and is now
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Catherine is an 18-year old who, because of her mother's death is living with her Aunt Beatrice and her husband, Eddie. Eddie has taken upon himself to be a father to Catherine and to give her the very best in life. Therefore, because of his 'fatherly´ affections Eddie and
Catherine have developed a close family relationship. Eddie´s first comments to Catherine this early in the play are all centred on
Catherine´s appearance. References made about her hair, clothes and about her 'walkin´ wavy.´ This obsessive attention to Catherine´s physical appearance is extremely questionable especially when he asks her to turn around so he can see her back. When Eddie becomes quite adamant that he disapproves of the way she walks, Catherine is 'almost in tears.´ This simple act of crying shows the audience immediately how naive and vulnerable she is. In today´s society, it would be very unusual to see a girl of eighteen so dependent on her guardian to live at that stage. It is obvious however that she views him only as a father figure because she gets upset over the things that he says. She almost reduces herself to a baby just for him, to please him and in this way, she is almost behaving in a coquettish manner towards Eddie.

She is always running around after him, getting him a beer or a cigar and she constantly looks for his approval. Eddie´s intentions here are
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