A View Of Morality : South Asian Christianity

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Another view of morality could be through South Asian Christianity. Morality in South Asian Christianity is “shaped primarily by worship in the church, reading the Bible, and home based religious practices” (Pechilis 181). Due to that in doing these three main things you religious life continues to grow and never weakens. It identifies what your real faith is. In where worshipping on Sundays, though being a Hindu tradition it has trespassed into south Asian Christianity. It has also, “brought along with it a love for liturgy and hymns” (Pechilis 177). In where reading of the Bible from as soon as you learn to read is commonly seen. Since it is “a matter of pride and dignity” (Pechilis 180), and as a marker of your religious faith. While home based religious practices that are a passage into your own religious life and a way of confirming the faith you have already in this religion. This is what morality is in South Asian Christianity. While morality in Hinduism is the ethical perception of how one should live their life. Where, everyone is born with a specific duty to perform in this world. There is also the dharmic thinking of virtues “like non- violence, compassion, generosity and gratitude” (Pechilis 45). In performing them daily in one’s life, they lead you “to liberation from the cycle of life and death” (Pechilis 46). Karma which are the actions done that determines good or bad results for a human life. Bring in result the kind of life you get to live in the next…

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