A View Of The Fallingwater House

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Perez, Adelyn. "AD Classics: Fallingwater House/Frank Lloyd Wright."ArchDaily
Broadcasting Architecture Worldwide 14 (2010).
Available at: < http://www.archdaily.com/60022/ad-classics-fallingwater-frank-lloyd-wright > “A view of the Fallingwater House”
This essay paper studies the nature of scholarly research in architectural history by reviewing and analyzing the article “AD Classics: Fallingwater House/Frank Lloyd Wright” by Adelyn Perez on the Arch Daily website. This essay also gives further analysis on the architecture of the Fallingwater House. In her article, Perez begins with detailed facts related to the construction of the building. She gives the name of the architect, location of the building, engineers, clients as well as year of the project’s completion. The author proceeds with the article by giving a detailed background story to the building of the house which explains why the house was built. According to Perez, the Kaufmann family was acquainted with Frank Lloyd Wright through their son who studied at Wright’s School. Through that friendship, the family then approached Wright asking for him to build a weekend home for them at the Bear Run Nature Reserve’s stream. “First floor”
The site had great sentimental to the family since they had been using it as a retreat for approximately 15 years. The family wanted Wright to construct the building across from the waterfall in order for them to have it in sight. However, Perez states that the architect chose to

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