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A View That Could Change the World The overall purpose of education is to broaden students’ knowledge and understanding of the material studied and also their perspectives and views. Education should never end, but should be an ongoing process in which it is built upon by adding new information and new ideas to previous knowledge and past experiences. Another essential part of learning deals with the students’ social development. It is vital for students to learn how to interact with their peers and adults and also how to behave in a way that is acceptable and suiting to the “norm.” This combined with learning the material given creates a formula for success in today’s society. The reason education is so…show more content…
This is very important because they all are at very different levels and to give them an education that is challenging, but not too slow they need to be at their own level. This program seems to be working very well with the children and it has encouraged me to use this method when I become a teacher. The most important thing to me for my students to accomplish is for them to reach their highest potential, whatever it may be. All anyone can expect is someone is their best because that’s all they can give. Also I hope for my students to grow socially, emotionally, and mentally from their experiences throughout the year. The methods of teaching I plan to use in my classroom are direct teaching and cooperative learning. The way I would use direct teaching is by reviewing and starting the new lesson with the objectives and main points and expound upon them using examples they can relate to. After the lesson I would answer questions and give guided practice. After completing all these steps I would let them work independently and check their work to make sure they understand the information. The other method of teaching I plan to use is cooperative learning. The reason for this is because I feel that students can learn so much from each other and students get to know each other so much better than most teachers get to that it is possible that students would know how
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