A View from a Bridge Dramatic Techniques

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How does Arthur Miller successfully engage an audience with "A play with no surprise"? A view from a bridge is a play written by Arthur Miller in the 1950's. Miller wrote the play as a modern day Greek tragedy in New York Brooklyn. Arthur Miller captures the audience with a true story twisted in his own words from which emerge the controversial ideas of incest, cultural obligation and masculinity. The part in the play where Alfieri mentions ‘it is not what but how' means that even though we know the end result its how the end result happens in such an unexpected but inevitable way that it grips us and leaves us in shock even after the end. The play is set in a ghetto community of Sicilian Italians. Most Italians at that time lived in…show more content…
Alfieri acts as a cultural link, on one side he is familiar with American Law and on the other he recognizes Italian Justice. Alfieri represents law; he explains law within the Italian community. Even though he is a lawyer he recognises that law and justice are two different ideas. ‘Who were justly shot by unjust men' he knows there is a rule for equality. His main objective is too observe the characters and to act as a guide to them. The title A view from the bridge is supposed to be the view of what Alfieri examines. Alfieri places the events of the play in order so that the audience can understand it. ‘Now we settle for half' Alfieri realises that law cannot solve everything, that it is better to settle for half because the search for absolute justice leads to deplorable consequences. It is Alfieri who makes Eddie a hero, he admires Eddie ‘he allowed himself to be wholly known'. ‘And his death useless' it is here that Alfieri points out Eddie's innocence and how his death solved nothing. Eddie is the protagonist and a classic tragic hero. It was common for the tragic hero to be someone ordinary and not of high birth. Eddie is a longshoreman his character is generally decent, loving and responsible. Throughout the play he is protective towards Catherine ‘I'm responsible for you', ‘she's gonna finish school'. During the play we see Eddies character obsessing with Catherine. He soon becomes sexually attracted to her, and is unable
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