A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller

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A View from the Bridge by Arthur Miller 'A View from the Bridge' is a 1950's play written by Arthur Miller. It follows the same structure as an Ancient Greek tragedy, where the main actor and in this case Eddie Carbone falls to a tragic and yet a predictable inflicted death. I will be explaining the difference in culture between America and Italy and how this could have affected the outcome of the play. The play 'A View from the Bridge' was written by Arthur Miller and is set in Brooklyn America. The scenes are mainly set near the docks and in the apartment, where Mr. Carbone and the immigrants live. Eddie Carbone is the traditional Italian-American man. He cares about his family and…show more content…
He blames Rodolpho (and Marco) for coming over and ruining the power he had over Catherine and Beatrice, he wants to break them up. This reaction of his shows how unstable and irrational he is. Rodolpho is the catalyst that makes Eddie realise that he loves Catherine. Eddie is jealous of Rodolpho because Rodolpho can have Catherine. Catherine loves Rodolpho in a way that she can never love Eddie. Eddie is unsure of Rodolpho and why he wants to be in the country. Marco came to raise money for his family and plans to go back to Italy and be with them. Marco is securely married with his children to feed. Rodolpho wants to live in the country for ever and buy a motorcycle. Rodolpho has blonde hair which is not very typical of an Italian. He is young and carefree, makes dresses, sings songs like Satin Doll, this makes Eddie think that Rodolpho is a homosexual. In the play, Eddie tries to prove that Rodolpho is gay to Catherine by kissing him, it does not work. He tells her that Rodolpho only wants her for American citizenship. This is caused by Eddie's limited ideas of what being a man is about. Italian-American masculine belief of what being a man is about; this is because Eddie is intellectually limited. Protecting your territory and regarding other men as hostile and intruders when they try
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