A Viewpoint On Racialized Differences, Discrimination, And Discrimination

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A majority of immigrants encounter employment disadvantage or discrimination, compared to native-born Canadians. It’s difficult to obtain suitable employment, so immigrant skills are underutilized, earning less income than native-born Canadians (Oreopoulos, 2011; Reitz et al., 2014). A viewpoint on racialized differences asserts that discrimination in employment is an act which negatively affects the employment situation of individuals because of membership in a group, and not because of qualification or capacity to contribute to productivity (discrimination and disadvantage 2014, slide#5). Oreopoulos (2011) observed that, immigrants who entered Canada based on their skills do poorly in the labour market. In another study Reitz and others (2014) argued that, employment discriminatory behavior creates skill underutilization or ‘brain waste’ for immigrants and lowers their human capital value. So, despite entering Canada with high skills level similar to that of native-born Canadians, immigrants have very little success in obtaining skilled-based employment. Prejudice attitude of recruiters or employers may overlap with the social identity theory that asserts that immigrants are seen as cultural threat because they are not distinctly assimilated into the host country (Harrell et al., 2012). Thus, this essay assesses measures of employment discrimination and its significance in Canada.
Measuring employment discrimination using resume testing:
Discrimination in

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