`` A Vindication Of The Rights Of Women ``

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Where would we be without individuals like John Locke, Isaac Newton, Benjamin Franklin, and Thomas Jefferson? Without them, certain elements and ways of thinking that we know today, such as natural rights, would not be evident in society. These individuals were part of a group of philosophers, scientists, and writers who urged for the upbringing of new concepts based on logic. This period was known as the Age of Enlightenment which took place throughout the 18th century in Europe. During this time period, individuals advocated for reason, equality of humanity, and individualism as a way to “break away” from the obscurity and bewilderment of European thought and replace it with the "light" of veracity.
Throughout the Enlightenment Period, writers began voicing their opinions on controversial topics in order to edify individuals on the problems going on around them. Writers like Mary Wollstonecraft became one of the most controversial writers during this period because of her opinions that went against popular belief. In her essay “A Vindication of the Rights of Women” she wrote about topics such as equal education for men and women, giving women rights after marriage, and equality for everyone, but because her opinions were unpopular during that time period she was often mocked.
Wollstonecraft touches on various topics referring to equality of men and women, but one of the most prominent ones that she speaks of in this essay is the equality of education between the two. She
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