A Virgin Active Study

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Staying sedentary for long hours puts an individual at risk of developing any of 35 possible diseases, including cancer and Type 2 diabetes. Fortunately, keeping active and staying healthy can be as easy as a daily SPA or Spontaneous Physical Activity.

Dr Sheri Colbert explains, "Studies show that people who interrupt their sedentary time by standing up - for as little as 60 seconds - have a smaller waist circumference and lower blood-glucose levels."

Dr Mike Loosemore adds, "We need to get people into the mindset that every small movement will help - even if it's just standing up or walking a few extra steps."

1. Sing out loud
Personal trainer Rebecca Fredericks advises that singing for 20 minutes can burn as much as 42 calories.

2. Shop
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Tend the garden
Garden work can be the equivalent of a 20-minute run and burn as much as 255 calories an hour.

Kelly Marshall recommends this not only for fat burning but also for building up strength and for exposure to fresh air and vitamin D.

6. Fidget through the day
Simple fidgeting can burn as much as 250 calories per day, according to Janey Holliday.
Dr Colberg recommends setting a timer as a reminder to have an active mini-break.

7. Burning while commuting
A Virgin Active study suggests that an average commute may be the equivalent of 20-30 minutes on a treadmill. A round-trip may add up to 324 calories burnt.

When waiting for a ride Janey Holliday recommends walking and pacing to keep the metabolism going. As much as 75 calories are burnt just by 15 minutes of pacing.

Dr. Loosemore says standing burns from 0.7 to one calorie per minute. A year of standing for three hours a day five days a week may be the equivalent of 10 marathons.

8. Stand on one leg
James Trevorrow suggests standing on one leg and then swapping legs halfway through when performing daily routines as brushing the teeth. This will improve balance and strengthen back muscles.

9. Wobble
Instead of sitting on a chair, wobble on an exercise
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