A Virtual Company With An International Perspective

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1. SUMMARY The aim of this report is to set up a virtual business, a virtual company with an international perspective, focusing more on the legal part. Nowadays every company must consider the legal aspects of its home country and of the country where it wants to expand and that is the reason why when you want to build, to develop a business you have to interact with all of this details to be on the “legal way”. After doing a brief summary, we decided to divide our work in these main parts below (with the relative chapters and sub-chapters): - First step: here we will introduce, we will describe our business idea. We will also explain why we chose this specific business, what our motivation, vision and mission is and what our plan is to realize our idea (steps that you need to follow to open a new business in the Netherlands, transportation,..). - Legal structure: as mentioned before, we are going to concentrate more on this part. We will describe the legal structure of our virtual company, why we chose this specific structure and what kind of contracts we will apply to our employees. We will also talk about the patents and the brands that our company could need, about the taxation and about the payment. - Finance: obviously, to set up a company, you need money. In this part we will explain how we are going to finance our business. Finally we will list all the sources that we have used in the APA style. First of all we have to explain where we are going to set up
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