A Virtual Generation: Social Media´s Negative Impact on Our Generation

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In a world full of technology, it is tough to escape the grasp of social media as it has been incorporated into our everyday lives. We almost instinctively pull out our cell phones in the middle of a dull conversation and glance at our Instagram feed without a second thought. Many of us are guilty of spending unreasonably large amounts of time without even acknowledging it is a problem. What if these small actions are leading to a misconception of what society should be. In the end, are the risks severe enough for the problems to stop? What if social media is affecting our relationships with others, our grades, and our privacy? In many ways it is. Social media is negatively impacting our generation. “We live in a technological universe…show more content…
What if using social media is risking our privacy? Is entertainment really worth jeopardizing our future? In countless ways social media is doing both. Privacy is currently an ongoing battle that is yet to be won. It is estimated that almost 13 million Facebook users do not know how to operate their privacy settings (socialnetworking procon.org). This is unsettling to know how many people are putting themselves at risk. Employers and colleges check sites such as Facebook and Twitter for information that could potentially be important in their selection. Once information is put on the internet it cannot be deleted. This is extremely dangerous for teens who are carelessly putting pictures of themselves online without a second thought. There have been many incidents where everyday people such as teachers, doctors, and nurses put in inappropriate pictures online without knowing about their privacy settings (and that it would be visible to the entire world) and what risks they were setting themselves up for. Social media doesn’t only affect adults, it also affects students’ test scores and overall grade point average. Is staying connected with friends more important than grades? Social media has significantly impacted grade point averages among young students. According to Socialnetworking, ”Students who used social networking sites while studying scored 20% lower on tests[than students studying without distraction]” Not only

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