A Virtual Team Between Uber Drivers

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Context Uber is a company that I personally admire. It is such a great smart idea to have people around the world driving other people, and the company just receives the money by controlling all virtually. I like to use Uber when I travel, it is a reliable service, and it saves me money and time. After developing this report, I expect to learn more about the company itself, how efficient the company manage its operations. How the drivers are hired, it is all virtually? How the drivers communicate with other Uber drivers? I believe it has to be a virtual team between Uber drivers. Also, I would like to learn what the company problems are when managing it operations efficiencies using multi-cultural virtual teams. This report will help me to understand the importance of muti-cultural virtual team improving operational efficiency in a company, and in the future to use my skills to work effectively with multi-cultural virtual teams.

Introduction Uber operates through a mobile app, where people need to create an account, and a debit or credit card is required to make the payment. The app allows the consumers to request a trip; then, the software automatically sends a message to the nearest driver around with the location of the consumer. The drivers use their own personal cars. The application software calculates the fare trip, and then transfer the money to the Uber driver. Uber is located around 66 countries in the world. The company operates, leads, organize, and manage

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