A Vision For Changing School Culture Essay

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This body of work was jointly assigned to my fellow students and I as a requirement for our Leadership with a Vision for Changing School Culture in a Changing Society class. Much to our chagrin, each of us, after five weeks of ever changing syllabi, were tasked with completing a component of a school improvement plan. Schentel Jones completed the “Assessment of the current state of school culture” component. Ronald Berry completed the “Supervise the instructional and leadership capacity of school staff” component. Diamond Elam completed the “Appropriate technologies to support teaching and learning” component. I completed the “Create and evaluate the curricular and instructional school program” component. Each of us provided input and feedback to each other to make our individual components a success and part of an interconnected improvement plan.
To facilitate our work, my classmates and I completed a brief field experience at William Henry Middle School in Dover, DE. William Henry Middle School offers many programs to meet the needs of the diverse population it serves. In addition to the rigorous academic programs, there are specialized programs for gifted learners, English Language learners, & students requiring special education. Technology is an integral part of instruction, with the Reading Wonders & Go Math curriculums providing interactive student exercises accessible via computer & mobile devices. Read 180 is designed for struggling readers & provides a small group
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