A Vision For Future Events

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Crisis is something that every leader will face and they need to know how to react to it. There are three areas a leader should understand in order to try and avoid crisis and to get through a crisis. These are vision, leading by example, and working as a team. Each of these can be vital to getting an organization through a difficult time. In this group discussion board as a team we will discuss how vison, leading by example and teams complement one another during the stages of implementation. Dees evaluate each topic in regards to crisis before, during and after the crisis.
A lack of vision for future events, can cause an organization to miss the warning signs of a crisis. An important characteristic of all leaders is their ability to relay a vision to their followers for a specific end goal, such as those as coming through a crisis. Having a vision for the future will help an organization to know what challenges may develop in the future. Dees (2013) defines vision as, “a clear focus upon a future end state that propels self and others forward with expectation and perseverance” (p. 160). A leader’s goals in inspiring “vision helps direct employees efforts toward innovative work practices and outcomes” (Sarros, Cooper, & Santora, 2011, p.296). Success starts with a “clear be the most important moment for you as a leader” (Chadderdon, 2001). vision and a fearless approach to enacting what we know will succeed” (Kinnair, 2013, p. 3). While crisis may be inevitable,…
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