A Vision Of Future Of Nursing Professionals

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Identifying Nursing Leadership Priorities Abstract: A vision of future of nursing professionals is the initial action required for enabling nurses in influencing people’s health. Nurses can continue with providing leadership for creating communities which are healthy. Leadership changes dynamically and reflects contexts from which this is exercised. 20th-century models of business enterprise, work, organization, relationships, are undergoing radical change with respect to leadership in 21st century. This transformation is associated with several new concepts about relationships, roles and changing infrastructure for work application and exercising leadership. The shifts in nursing leadership priorities need a proper understanding to develop competitive advantage for institutions. Introduction: 21st century is characterized by virtual reality with all its implications along with the applications and ideas like mass customizations, owner-controlled decision-making with user-driven reference frames which are characteristic of the present age. These new perceptions of work and social relationships also are affecting nature of nursing leadership. The 3 specific elements in leadership create the window to a future expression of this role. These are mobility, virtuality, and the practices which are user-driven. Mobility Perhaps the single greatest transformation in the exercise of leadership is that related to the increasing mobility, fluidity and flexibility of work.

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