A Visit At A Construction Site

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You are required to arrange a visit to a construction site, exhibition, event, office or other relevant location (individually or in groups) and report on your findings. Your report can include information such as the management structure, health and safety issues, technical aspects, sustainability, financial information, innovation, materials, plant etc. You should include appropriate photos, graphics and any other supporting information. You may arrange and attend visits in groups but your report must be your own original work. (c 1500 words) INTRODUCTION
In a group of 4, we visited an ongoing construction site close to the private accommodation Liberty Quays (minutes’ walk from the University of Greenwich campus Medway) which was said to be a 4 storey building hotel owned by premier Inn and contract was given to H&J Martin construction LTD. On arrival to the site, we were accommodated in the site security gate by the site manager (Mr Martin) and provided with the right personal protection equipment and we were also given a quick brief of the site and the sites do’s and don’ts.
I and my colleagues took a couple of pictures, made videos and we asked series of question. The site manager really welcomed our questions and didn’t hesitate to answer us right. He was really welcoming and took his time in showing us around and talking to us about the project. We really loved our interaction with him and every other person on site as they were all nice towards us.…

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