A Visit At The Beaverton High School Library

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Just two short weeks before Christmas, my mom was driving me home from a lacrosse meeting at the Beaverton High School library. During the meeting, she had to step outside to take a phone call. I had thought nothing of it and just assumed she was being polite to the others in the meeting. The head coach walked up to me and told me he had high expectations for me this season as a varsity starter in my sophomore year. I was excitedly nervous for the upcoming season and could not wait to get to work. It was a chilly December night and I recall my mom had been unusually quiet on that drive home. We always listened to local radio stations on car rides to provide some background noise, but this car ride was different. The radio was off and the windows were up, the car was quieter than an empty school gym on a Saturday. I could tell something was wrong. “What 's wrong mom? Everything okay?” I asked. She looked over at me, the smell of donuts infiltrated my nose as we drove past sesame donuts, tears began to roll down her face as she said that the doctor had called her back and the results from her appointment had come in. “The doctors just diagnosed me with Pancreatitis and told me that if I don 't quit drinking, I’m going to die in two weeks”. My jaw dropped in disbelief, my mind went blank. I couldn 't think of a single word to say, let alone a sentence. The shock going through my body felt like I had been struck by lightning, I was left paralysed. The car ride home was silent…
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