A Visit At The Museum Of Fine Arts

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Museum Assignment On November 8th, 2016 I took a trip to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts, to conduct research on different kinds of art. When I got there I went straight to The Ancient World exhibit to find a piece of artwork that I found fascinating. The moment I took a step through those giant glass doors, I saw the Colossal Statue of King Menkaura. This vast piece of artwork had so much history and detail from one particular era, it was almost breathtaking. As I continued on through The Ancient World exhibit there were many works of art that stood out to me. However it wasn’t until I reached the Greek Mythology portion of the museum when I really found the piece that literally made me gasp. The sculpture of Cupid (Eros) was exactly the type of artwork I was hoping to discover. The sculpture of Cupid (Eros) was simple, yet it also had a complex composition to it.
The Colossal Statue of King Menkaura was built around 2,490 B.C and is the largest statue from the pyramid age. This piece of artwork fits into the category of an “An image or object related to a ruler, whether king, queen, emperor or other”. King Menkaura fits into this catergory because he was a ruler of the 4th dynasty during the Old Kingdom period, and was the creator of the three pyramids in Giza. One pyramid which he built for himself, was the Pyramid of Menkaura. This Egyptian statue is made out of Travertine, which is a type of limestone that is deposited by mineral springs. When I

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