A Visit From The Goon Squad

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A Playdate with Time
Young people have always been thought of as the ones who hold time in their hands. They seem to believe that they are invincible and death won’t come knocking to take them to eternity until they are in the later years of life. Because of this belief of time being on their side youngsters fall into experiences whose fragrances of mistake and regret lingered on and shape those same young people’s lives once they become older and mature. Jennifer Egan seems to play with this idea of youthful thinking and element of time in her book A Visit from the Goon Squad.. Through the characters and their experiences she shows how their youthful experiences determined their adult conduct and through the eyes of particular characters the author showed how their perspectives and outcomes in life changed over time.
This novel completely neglects the conventional idea of narration and takes on its own definition of a narrator and their voice. The first story mentioned in the novel is Sasha’s we discover that she is a kleptomaniac and has been so for a long time. When Alex discovered her table of “collected items” it is described;
He’d discovered the tables now and was staring at the pile. It looked like the work of a miniaturist beaver; a heap of objects that was illegible yet clearly not random. To Sasha’s eye, it almost shook under its load of embarrassments and close shaves and little triumphs and moments of pure exhalation. It contained years of her life compressed...…
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