A Visit To Brazos Bend State Park: Aldo Leopold

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A naturalist closely observes nature. A naturalist notices the relationship between the environment and species. Most known naturalists have conducted research in the field of ecology. Modern naturalists also identified themselves as conservationist. One of the most famous naturalist is Aldo Leopold. Born on January 11, 1887 Aldo Leopold always exhibited a great interest for nature. Leopold is known as a naturalist, an ecologist, and a conservationist. Aldo Leopold is considered the Father of Wildlife Management. He influenced the establishment of wilderness areas around the United States (Hedgpeth 1989).
Aldo Leopold was interested by species’ behaviors in the environment. He tried to understand the interactions between the land and the species.
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The park is composed of 4897 acres of land. The Brazos river runs across some parts of the park. The ample and diverse wildlife population characterizes the park. The park is divided primarily into three different ecosystems: wetlands, prairies, and forests. The park is a convergence zone for over 300 species of birds, about 21 species of reptiles, and 23 species of mammals (TPWD…c2016). As part of my visit to the park, I visited two of the three ecosystems that are found in this park. Each ecosystem presented different ecological views of the park. The park’s diversity is organized based on the characteristics of each of the ecosystem. The size of the trees, the animal populations, and the majority of biotic and abiotic factors varied in each of the two visited…show more content…
Brazos Bend State Park offers the perfect sanctuary for species conservation. I observed how animals are closely dependent on the environment. Any small modification to the environment can result in big changes to an entire population of animals. Conservation movements not only must emphasize the conservation of species but also the conservation of the land. Parks, as this one, should always be funded because it allows people to explore nature. This park provides us with an idea of natural equilibrium. All the biotic and abiotic components of a habitat bring life together in the wilderness. Everything in the natural world is placed strategically for a reason and for a purpose. This trip increased my appreciation for nature even

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