A Visit to the Historical and Current Day Bermuda

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Index.html: Sit back, relax and enjoy the warm ocean breeze. Welcome to Bermuda! Located only 640 miles west-northwest to North Carolina, Bermuda Is the place to be. Beautiful beaches, soft pink sand, historical sites that date back to the sixteen hundreds and friendly people are just some of the many things to experience whilst visiting Bermuda. History.html Bermuda was first discovered in 1505 by a Spanish navigator, Juan de Bermudez. He Named the island after him, hence the name Bermuda. He left and returned ten years later in 1515 and decided not to settle due to the bad weather. In 1609, a ship headed to Jamestown Virginia, got caught in a storm and then wrecked on the reefs of the Island. The crew of about 150, made its way to shore and was led by Sir. George Somers of England. They spent ten months on the island and built two ships, the Deliverance and the Patience. When completed, the crew would resume their journey to Jamestown Virginia. Somers returned to Bermuda to stock up on the roaming hogs, which would later be put on our currency, and died. His body was sent back to his hometown but his heart was buried on The Somers Isles. In 1612 Richard Moore, Bermuda’s first governor, and three others began construction on the Town of St. George. In 1620, the House of Assembly of Bermuda held its first session that introduced a representative government in which Bermuda became a self-Governing colony. This is just the start of Bermuda’s settlement. Culture.html:

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