A Visit to the Museum Report

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The exhibit I visited was at the Museum of Fine Art in Boston, the exhibit was called The Art of the Americas Wing. The exhibit itself had various painting of famous figures and art pieces about the time period dated back from the American Colonies to modern day art pieces. I felt that all of the pieces in this exhibit were meaningful and there was a sense of history and pride in the way the exhibit was set up. Each piece of art were unique on its own and just standing near the piece for a short time and watching the different people walk by and look at it, the reactions were unanimous. In Watson and the Shark, when I first set eyes on the featured painting I thought it was something to do with Herman Melville’s characters, Moby Dick and Captain Ahab. Of course that is not the case. In the text next to the painting it explained the true meaning of the piece. Drawn by John Singleton Copley, the painting depicts the story of a London Merchant Brook Watson's trauma at age fourteen of being a victim of a shark attack off Havana, Cuba, an experience that cost the former cabin boy his leg. Copley portrays the third rescue attempt by nearby sailors, glorifying it as a story of salvation and spiritual rebirth. It is unclear whether if Copley referencing both Christ’s Resurrection as well as the renewal of the British Empire in the aftermath of the American Revolution, in the visual image of Watson emerging from the watery depths. With the underlying message of the spiritual
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