A Visual Analysis Paper

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Painting #1
The first painting depicts a young woman lying in a field on a farm in what appears to be an awkward position. She may be experiencing some type of internal or emotional pain which may have temporarily halted her ability to move. The field is very close to what one might assume is her home. The painting appears very somber and melancholy and I would hypothesize the young woman is longing for something she might have recently loss; possibly a relationship or significant material possession. The woman gazes towards the house as if she is waiting for something. The colors in the painting are very neutral and the feelings provoked are those of sadness. Another hypothesis could be she is pondering her life path and struggling to
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The girl’s expression is sad and her eyes somber; she appears to be assessing herself in the mirror. She is holding a magazine which is open to a picture of an attractive older woman and there are beauty items on the floor next to her. There is an old doll that is carelessly thrown on the floor; it would appear that the doll is not very valuable to the girl. This painting is also very somber and it appears the girl might be comparing herself to the woman in the photo. This could signify her unhappiness with her appearance and her perceived need to look like the models and actresses in magazines and on television. The transition to adolescence is very difficult for young girls and they are very self-conscious about their appearance. The colors in this painting are also very neutral and…show more content…
The colors are vibrant and the body language of the characters in the painting as well as the musical instruments elicits feelings of happiness. The painting illustrates a band one might see in a jazz club or parade in a southern city like Memphis or New Orleans. It could be a depiction of an exciting moment in the lives of the performers; it might also highlight a past memory with friends who brought joy to the life of the one of the characters. Music plays a large role in the lives of many; music is used to inspire, celebrate, and
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