A Vivid View Into the Holocaust Essay

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Imagine walking through a hallway of pictures and artifacts, feeling so much emotion, reliving the past of the Holocaust. Once a person walks through those doors to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum he or she immediately feel those emotions pouring from the walls and flooding from the visitors all around feeling what it once felt like to be apart of the Holocaust and witness such a horrendous tragedy. Because the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides many exhibitions and visuals for visitors, it really gives a person a vivid view into what the Holocaust was truly like.
In the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum many features include vivid exhibits, memorials, plenty of educational opportunities for all ages, and some information on other genocides around the world. Many exhibits in the museum show what occurred before, during and after the Holocaust and the everlasting effects it left upon us today. When visitors first enter the museum they are given an identity card that has a biography and photo of someone who was killed or of someone who had survived the Holocaust. (4) As visitors keep traveling through the museum they will come across a vast amount of exhibits that show many artifacts, such as; a cattle car that was actually used to transport Jews, uniforms, badges, and trunks from when people tried to flee Germany. Also photos of Joseph Mengele, millions of pages of original documents, testimonials, shoes, and a freight train that also…

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