A Vivid View Into the Holocaust Essay

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Imagine walking through a hallway of pictures and artifacts, feeling so much emotion, reliving the past of the Holocaust. Once a person walks through those doors to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum he or she immediately feel those emotions pouring from the walls and flooding from the visitors all around feeling what it once felt like to be apart of the Holocaust and witness such a horrendous tragedy. Because the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum provides many exhibitions and visuals for visitors, it really gives a person a vivid view into what the Holocaust was truly like. In the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum many features include vivid exhibits, memorials, plenty of educational opportunities for all ages, and…show more content…
Children in “Daniel’s Story” can pull letters down from the walls and ceilings and read them, along with telephones that can be picked up that ask questions or statements about the Holocaust. (4) The Hall of Remembrance is candle lit memorial that is covered in names of those who were victims to the Holocaust, then for the Wall of Remembrance there are tiles amongst a wall that show sentimental and simple images from the Holocaust Aftermath. (4) For the older children that visit the museum there is the Second Floor, Wexner Learning Center, that features touch screen computers that can pull up information (music, photos, and witness interviews) on the Holocaust or what occurred during the Aftermath. (4) One of the last of many features in the museum is about other genocides that occurred in other parts of the world. For example, the genocide of Sudan called, “Sudan Divided: People at Risk.” (3) All of the these exhibits that visitors enjoy have created the reasons as to why the museum has come into
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