A Vocational Training Project Report

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A VOCATIONAL TRAINING PROJECT REPORT ON "Assembling of Diesel-Electric Locomotives" AT Submitted in halfway satisfaction of the prerequisite For the honor of degree OF Bachelor 's OF TECHNOLOGY (Session 2011-2015) GUIDED BY: - SUBMITTED BY:- MR. U.k. RANGAPPA GAURAV SHARMA (Sr. Area Engineer) B.tech. (Mechanical & Automation Engg.) DLW, VARANASI, UP. Semester-7, fourth year Acknowledgements Acknowledgement to any warning or budgetary aid got sometime during work may be given. It is fragmented without understudy 's signature. Unique A decent "Unique" ought to be straight to the point, not excessively engaging however completely enlightening, First section ought to state what was achieved as to the goals. The theoretical does not need to be a whole outline of the undertaking, but instead a brief rundown of the extension and consequences of the task. It ought not surpass more than 1000 words. List of chapters Titles and subtitles are to relate precisely with those in the content. Presentation In a Diesel-Electric train, the diesel motor drives an electrical DC generator with an electrical AC alternator rectifier circuit whose yield gives force to the footing engines. There is no immediate mechanical association between the motor and the wheels. The essential parts of a diesel-electric train are diesel motor (prime mover), the fundamental generator/alternator rectifier, footing engines, and a control framework embodying the motor
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