A Voice Guidance System For Autonomous Robots

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A VOICE GUIDANCE SYSTEM FOR AUTONOMOUS ROBOT Neha Dingwani Email: nehadingwani3@gmail.com Pranali Sonawane Email: pranalis93@gmail.com Sanjivani Yesade Email: Sanjivani.yasade@gmail.com Vishal Motwani Email: rvmotwani960@gmail.com ABSTRACT In this paper, a voice guidance system for autonomous robots is proposed as a project based on microcontroller. The proposed system consists of a microcontroller and voice recognition software that can recognize a limited number of voice patterns. The commands of autonomous robots are classified and are organized such that one voice recognition software can distinguish robot commands under each directory. Thus, the proposed system can distinguish more voice commands than one voice recognition processor can. I. INTRODUCTION This Project Describe a robot that can be operated by voice commands given from user. The project use speech recognition system for giving and processing voice commands Speech recognition, or speech-to-text, involves capturing and digitizing the sound waves, converting them to basic language units or phonemes. It is the ability of a computer to recognize general, naturally flowing voice from a wide variety of users. The robot will receive commands from user and do the actions like left, right, back, front etc. The robot will detect the obstacles, fire and gas using sensor and do the work like if robot detect obstacle it moves in different direction, if robot detect fire it will stop the fire /buzzer the alarm and if

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