A Volleyball Story

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“Side out, side out!” “You got this!” The crowd’s roaring chant is a broken record on full blast. All of a sudden, my ears deafen and my heart races. My hands are moist and my throat is dry. Perspiration slowly trails down my face as I glance at the red and blue scoreboard. The score reads 12-13. My team, Beach Vibes 14-1 has been going back and forth with Texas team, Magic 14-1 for more than an hour. Both teams won one set, and now Magic is in the lead by one point. This is such a long and exhausting game! I think frantically, mentally talking to myself. Focus, Taeah, focus. I try locking my weary eyes on the tall server but the towering middle blocker with a wingspan of an eagle and the outside blocker with enhanced biceps were partially blocking my view. The server serves a powerful topspin jump-serve towards Karlee, but the short, lighting-fast defensive specialist dives forward to pass the ball. It was a perfect pass, going directly to the petite hands of our skilled setter, Erica. She sets me on zone 4. Leaping into the air like a graceful ballerina, I pull my right arm back to load. When my hand contacts the ball, I slam it at an open hard-angle, zone 4. My team and I cheer hysterically. I hear a loud, “Do it again!” in the crowd, and I turn to see my mother with proud eyes and a permanent smile plastered across her face staring intently at me. The score now shows 13-13. Everyone rotates, and Erica serves a fast, float serve. Number 24 shanks the ball, scoring us a
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