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CHAPTER 2: When ERIN is send to prison, where she is supposed to live for the rest of her life She is impress on how different is from what she thought it would be She is careful with people, because of what she lived while in jail She had adopted a strategy of PSYCHOLOGICAL DENIAL in jail 603 years she faced with denial to settle into a new routine in that new world She had reached a dead end: she is not going anywhere She pretend to be well, a lifesaving lie that leads to her acceptance of her fate as a lifer jail looked more like a office park Treated so well after she had to prove herself in jail she was deloused showered, and given three sets of the loose, baby blue scrubs that ear all unclassified inmates the nickname SMURF Sexual…show more content…
He was probably seduced. Most of the officers here would never violate professional ethics in that way Officers joke around, but for the most part they are careful not to cross the line into sexual comments Inmates can be victim too, they suffer emotional not financial costs Cut of from the husbands or boyfriends who swore to wait for them until they got out Women vulnerable, miserable in their loneliness that is the perpetual punishment of those confined Fortunes

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