A Walk For Remember By Nicholas Sparks

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In this drama /romance novel A walk to remember by Nicholas Sparks. You will meet a teenage girl named Jammie Sullivan who was diagnosed with leukemia, she meets a boy named Landon Carter. As they slowly fall in love, Jammie does not want Landon to fall for her. Landon was flustered with the fact that he had no one to go to homecoming with. As he was going through his year book from last year he noticed that there was no one to go with, but as a last resort there was Jammie Sullivan who he had known since kindergarten.She said "yes, but on one condition you have to promise you will not fall in love with me Landon." Well considering Angela and him had broken up last month, he had no choice but to say yes to Jammie. Once Landon and Jammie had arrived at the dance, they canceled the rule that you had to have a date if you were on the homecoming committee, because Eddie had no date. When they were there they danced a to a dozen songs until Landons ex girlfriend Angela and her new boyfriend Lew showed up. unfortunately, the punch bowl had been spiked, Angela had been on her 4th cup. She ran in a hurry to the bathroom as soon as she got there, there was puke everywhere when we got there, since Jammie was such a good person he had to help her, soon after Landon and Jammie took her home. After Landon and Jammie took Anglea home it was almost time for Jammie to go home.

About a week later Jammie was trying to find someone to play Tom Thortan in the christmas play. So Landon
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