A Walk To Remember By Gandhi . In India’S History, Many

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A Walk To Remember by Gandhi
In India’s history, many men and women have stepped forward to leave a legacy behind. However, no one has come close to leaving one behind the way Mohandas Gandhi did. Gandhi was known as a legend by the people of India because he led their country to freedom from British rule. During this time, Britain was one of the most powerful nations and most heavily armed group of men. The biography, Gandhi The Man, His People, And The Empire , written by Gandhi’s grandson, explains from a family perspective, how Gandhi was a powerful leader that conducted a peaceful protest with non-violence. In this biography, the narrator explains some of Gandhi’s worst flaws and greatest achievements. Even though India faced
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From that moment, Gandhi became cognizant of his values and beliefs. At the end of Gandhi’s high school education, he decided he wanted to be a lawyer. In order to do so, Gandhi sought to go to England. In Gandhi’s own words, “It was an uncommon thing for a young man from Rajkot to go to England” (Gandhi 21). Mohandas went to England with a friend, leaving his wife, son, and mother all behind.
On his trip to England, Mohandas Gandhi struggled with the English language, and how to eat with utensils. Gandhi, who did not eat meat, survived off sweets and fruits on the ship because he was afraid to ask which foods were meat free. Rather than engaging with others, Gandhi remained reserved on the ship. The ship docked on September 29, 1988, and from there, Gandhi took a train to London. Eventually, Gandhi arrived at the Victoria Hotel, where he stayed.
Gandhi described London to be “alive with ideas and movements” (Gandhi 29). Gandhi enrolled at the Inner Temple University, and graduated in 1891. He was then admitted to the bar of England, and began reading the ideas of David Thoreau on nonviolence. These ideas shaped Gandhi’s beliefs on handling matters without violence. He soon realized he could not be successful as a lawyer in England and returned to India. However, this did not stop Gandhi’s adventures.
Gandhi soon traveled to South Africa to work for a firm.

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